General Information

AT Products LLC, otherwise known as AT Products, is a informative technology company that is based in the United States, that contains resources to cybersecurity and malware. Our products is for the public to use anytime.

Our current products are Flash Documentation, MDickie Projects, and SMS Bomb.

The "AT" in AT Products does stand for Alex Toucan.


Note that malware, code, or scripts. will not be on this section, and will be on the Ethical Hacking Society, The Script Community, CodingHome, and Noodle Hackerspace only.

Paid Projects

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Flash Documentation

Flash Documentation

Here are some things about Adobe Flash!

Visit Visit the all laid out version
MDickie Projects

MDickie Projects

This is a fanmade site about what has MDickie developed since the 1990s!

MDickie Projects

SMS Bomb

This is for Android Devices. You can SMS bomb your friends!


Pynx's Projects

Partnered with PynxTech, we released these projects!


Public Archive


Discontinued Products

AT's ROM Games

Supported for Windows and Mac Devices. Have your classic video games into ROMs and emulators!



ProtDos (CodingHome)


Pynx Technologies


Astro Dog






The CodingHome Universe




They allowed us to use their past CSS. (Bootstrap v3.3.7)



They have provided their CSS library for us to use.


Pynx Technologies

They have contributed to our website, and is willing to protect our website as well.



They have provided the navigation buttons, and 15% of the current CSS.



This is the history section about AT Products LLC, spanning from 2019 to today in 2022.

Beginning in 2019, this company was just a thought, and the past logo was already being planned out.

It wasn't until in 2021, the past logo was completed with a 3D modeling tool, also known as TinkerCAD. Also in 2021, especially late 2021, was when our website was just getting under development. For a school assignment, AT's ROM Games was chosen as the first web page to be completed. Since the criteria was just for four areas of information to be put on said web page, and the product was already being made. This would start the adventure of, but these sites had domains), which had basic CSS.

Us finishing the main website within the same time area of late 2021, which meant that the Ethical Hacking Society, and The Script Community got their website done around that time period as well.

The New Year of 2022, brought CodingHome, and our Documentation. Finally, in February of 2022, we bought the domain of, and put the exact same code on there. But, soon enough, ProtDos gave us permission to use their (and our) past CSS, which was Bootstrap 4. We changed the CSS to make it more dark, and then changed it back within June of 2022. Between March and June of 2022, we introduced Flash Documentation, and the Noodle Hackerspace as new products.

The most hugest overhaul would happen on June 3rd, 2022, with 2.6. Which replaced the Bootstrap 4 with Bootstrap 5. Not much later, on August 21st, 2022, we changed the company logo, to a more professional design. 2.7, releasing on September 22nd, 2022, which would've changed the nav-bar.

In late August of 2022, AT Products would have joined and helped create The CodingHome Universe, a coders alliance with our current allies.

2.12, releasing on January 4th, 2023, added back dark mode and the switch as Bootstrap v5.3.0-alpha1 released on December 24th, 2022. What an update to release into the New Year of 2023, since dark mode was being waited on for months beforehand.

What's New?

Released on: January 25th, 2023.
ATP Database: 2.13.1

Added the Inferno page, included on Pynx's Projects. (#70)
Added dropdown animations. (#70)
Added the Noodle Hackerspace card to Pynx's Projects. (#70)
Added a secondary button to Flash Documentation cards. (#70)

Changed the layout names from "normal" to "all laid out". (#70)
Changed padding on the columns in the footer. (#70)
Changed the directory on backup pages to be on it's own branch. (#70)

Bug Fixes
Fixed the tables on Flash Documentation. (#70)
Fixed button group errors on The Script Community. (#70)
Fixed padding on all communities intros and BxPP. (#70)